Leaving Bodhizendo

1-1-11 – Well, this is my last day at BodhiZendo, the Zen meditation center in India. Met a lot of nice people, it is in rural southern India, so saw some villages and villagers and the local small town and small city nearby.

Overall I had a nice time, but the country seems to trail behind China and Thailand as far as liveablitiy is concerned– a lot more visible poverty, a lot of garbage all over the place.

Cows wander the streets like dogs, eating whatever they can find, and then I guess people drink the milk.

The center here is pleasant and very clean. The teacher is also a good person who is letting people stay at the center for only $190 a month, as well has running a Montessori kindergarten for very poor local kids who are there free of charge, all run by donation.

On Friday, I go to Bodhgaya, where the Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree,  via a trip to Calcutta, where I stay for two days with two Indian  psychiatrists, husband and wife, that I met here.

I am not very fond of Indian food, it is too spicy, and not enough decent quality fruits and vegetables. I guess I will see how it is in the North at Bodhgaya, where there may be more food choices. I hear the Tibetans come there in droves in January, so it will be a chance to see what buddhist culture outside the USA is like.

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